Baby Naming

Baby namings are a formal ceremony where the baby is officially given a name.

Every religion and cultural belief pattern has its sacred traditions in the naming of a child: Christenings, Wicca naming ceremonies called Saining, Hinduism has Maharashtra, in Judiasm, boys are named at Brit Milah.

Through these ceremonies a child is introduced into the community, into their new tribe. Their place is established with a combination of ritual, spoken commitments and gifting.

Ceremony by Design will work to create a sacred ceremony that reflects your family’s belief and traditions.



The waiting is over, the moment has finally come, and your new family is coming home.  The preparation has taken place and all is set.

How we welcome a new addition into a family sets the intention of who this child is to be in the years to come.   A ceremony is created to welcome them not only into the home but into the lineage they now belong to.

Ritual will be used to deepen the ties that bind the new child with the family.  An adoption ceremony speaks to the essence of what makes family a family.


Blessing Way

A Blessing way is a wonderful ritual for the mother-to-be. It celebrates her step in motherhood (or motherhood again!) Baby showers are a lot of fun and they are a wonderful way to gift new parents things they need for the baby. A blessing way, however, is a unique way to honor the mother.

It is usually a gathering of the woman important in the mother to be life; grandmothers, mothers, sisters, cousins, and friends.  The focus is to use ritual, poems, prayers as a means to bring blessing and nurturing to the mother-to-be.

This is often a down to earth ceremony that honors the rite of passage into parenthood.


Coming of Age

A special time in a young woman and man’s life is a rite of passage that every one of us moves through.  Moving from childhood into burgeoning maturity.  It is the beginning of the journey into adulthood.

Wikipedia defines Coming of age as a young person’s transition from childhood to adulthood. The age at which this transition takes place varies in society, as does the nature of the transition.  It can be a simple legal convention or can be part of a ritual, as practiced by many societies.

In the past, and in some societies today, such changes are associated with the age of sexual maturity (Early-Adolescence); in others, it is associated with an age of religious responsibility.


Divorce Ceremonies

Love was born and flying on its wing, a journey began, and it was good.  That flight of love is over, the union to be dissolved.   How will one honor the journey with compassion and wisdom while setting one’s sights on the new journey, the new beginnings?

It began in love.  Let it end with the perception that in letting go with deliberation and awareness of completeness that you will both be set free.


A divorce ceremony will blend your story, your ending, your new visions, with ritual and prose.  As you were married in sacredness you can end in the same light.  This process can be especially healing for children of the union.  It can help to absolve them of any perception of wrongdoing.  As you are set free so are they.


Pet Memorials

Love of a pet can be unparalleled.  Whether they are a dog, a cat, a horse or bird, they love us unconditionally.  They are with us 24 hours a day and their passing leaves a hole in our life, in our day.  Often they are just gone with no acknowledgement of their passing

Ceremonies by Design can create a ceremony that will honor the love shared, the personality, the stories with appropriate ritual and prose.  This will bring them alive again and respect the place they have in our heart.



Endless Possibilities 

Do you have an event to celebrate? A custom ceremony can mark you milestone as a major memorable moment in your life.