I offer an alternative way

of celebrating the big moments throughout life.


I love ceremony.  Any kind of ceremony.  The kind I create just for myself, the kind I create for a client or the kind I create for an occasion.   The feeling of coming together with others to connect through action, words and ritual allows me to connect with something bigger than myself.  Community gathers individuals into a place where we can connect, through the heart, the mind and the body.

I believe we create sacred space when we join together in community, whether it is to mark the birth of a child, the coming of age, a marriage or the passing of a beloved one.  As we experience an event in community we begin to attune collectively to the intent of the gathering.   

I have been creating a wide variety of ceremonies for over twenty years. Some of these include: weekend retreats for 30-50 people, health and wellness events, private sessions to further deepen the healing process of energy based modalities and teaching meditation classes for several years at the Qualicum Wellness Center.  


During the last 8 years working with ceremonies by design I have consulted, created and officiated at hundreds of ceremonies: weddings, vow renewals, elopements, funerals, memorials, cremations and interments.  

I explored whom I was from an energetic perspective, taking on many of the eastern philosophies of chakras, auras and meridians.  I studied and certified in several alternative-healing modalities whose basic premise was based on humans as energetic beings.   We are all connected and everything has an impact upon us.

Concurrently, I started to explore Spiritual Direction with the Vancouver School of Theology.  This was not based on religion but on spiritual awareness.  I went on to study with the University of Sedona where I received a Bachelor of Metaphysics.  I became a Reverend with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry. (CIMM).  I am registered through them with Vital Statistics. I currently offer spiritual counselling for end of life clients.

To envision a way to support a person’s journey while enveloping them in a gathering of like-minded people is an honor that I take seriously.  To create and perform a ceremony for weddings, funerals, pet loss or divorce is a calling and I am grateful to heed it’s beckoning.  I hope to be of service to you.