A Moment to Remember.

Ceremony, whether it be the joy of marriage, the grief of a funeral, the excitement of a baby naming, or the relief of a divorce celebration, encourages us to gather with community and acknowledge what is happening in our lives right here and right now. Ceremony allows us to voice, to speak and to act from our deepest essence in gatherings of family and friends.

Finding Your Story.

The professional celebrant will meet with you; we will talk of what is important to you. A picture will begin to emerge. Completing an in-depth understanding of your wishes, including in-person interviews, exercises, and questionnaires will help shape the feeling and elements of your own personal ceremony.

Celebrating Your Story.

The ceremony will speak of your story, your beliefs, and the things that are important to you: traditions, religious ritual, guiding forces, influences, and family. Taking all those elements and weaving them together into a personal ceremony creates something original, something that is a one of a kind tapestry of your life