Creating A Ceremony

From your first contact, you are invited into an intimate relationship of co-creation. Through the art of listening,you'll be guided through a process; where the individuals before her are the centrepiece to an evolving story, with two main characters, on journey to find out what makes them special, to each other and the assembled loved ones.

Through in-person interviewing and in depth questionnaires, a picture begins to emerge of what makes you strong, of what has grown from a seed into a flower of love.  Interlacing all these elements together a ceremony is hand crafted, uniquely reflecting your love.

Poems, prose, ritual and storytelling weave together to illuminate your love for each other and to allow your community to witness your journey over the threshold of single individuals to a married couple.



Together we create a heartfelt ceremony that symbolizes the union of the heart, the soul and the love of the couple, in front of a loving, supportive community.


An Unforgettable Experience

The bride stands with an arm resting lightly on her father’s.  In anticipation, she watches as friends and family each lay a flower upon the ground to create a circle of love. 

The community of witnesses gathered to hear the vows, the love story, adds their blessings to the circle of love.  The couple eagerly steps forward to begin the journey into the new adventures of married life.

The bride’s favorite song plays softly. The melody invites her down the aisle into this circle of flowers, where her groom awaits her. A candle is lit.  The journey begins


Telling Your Story

But what about the ceremony, the words spoken, the story told, the words shared, the poems and verse recited and the rituals enacted. Is your ceremony the image you wish to share, the true reflection of who you are and who you are becoming?  Does it feel right for both of you. 



Respecting Religion, expressing personal belief.

If one is religious, it can make the choice easier by talking to an appropriate religious representative about options.  Yet more and more people are moving away from religious traditions.  When faced with the choice of how to honor someone we love, we can feel undone.  How does one respect, honor and gather as a community to grieve when we do not know what that could look like.

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