Funeral Preperation

$125 @ • Typically 2-4hours

The most sensitive time in someone’s life can be filled with riches.

When one suffers a loss of a loved one, we enter into a state of shock.  It does not seem to matter whether it was expected after an illness, a decline in years or it is with the swiftness of an accident; we enter shock.

Shock has many faces: physically it can drop our blood pressure, we can experience a fast, weak pulse, nausea, dizziness, shallow breathing.  Psychologically it leaves us feeling stunned, unable to focus on anything. Let us help.


Funeral Ceremony

$125 @ • Typically 4hours

We will create a one of a kind ceremony that develops by gathering information, listening to stories of family and friends.  It is unique and special to the individual.

It is unique and special to the individual. A deep and honest reflection of who they were: the childhood, education, loves, family, careers and passions of a life well lived.

Blending poetry, prose, a crafted eulogy, a family member eulogy and ritual appropriate to the values and beliefs of the individual creates a living testament to a loving memory of life and love well deserved.


Ceremonies by Design can help.

There are so many decisions to make as we navigate through the fog of confusion. 

Really hard Choices!  Choices that make a difference. Let us Help.

In the course of our lifetime we cross many thresholds and experience many rites of passage.  

The mystery of an individual’s life story is reflected in ceremony and ritual.




The number of cremations in Canada has increased to 74% cremations in 2011 from 58.9% in 1970. This is a significant change in burial behavior. There are many aspects to consider with cremation. Care of the body, cremation of the body, care of the remains, burial, or scattering of ashes. At this point there are no laws in BC that prohibit scattering of ashes, but there are considerations to be taken.

Cremation Services: Ceremonies by Design can help families and friends to observe and participate in each step of the process.

• Cremation Facilities: A custom memorial or celebration of life service can often be facilitated right on site.

• Crematorium: A ceremony at the crematorium is a way to acknowledge the process and to respect the memory of the deceased.

• Burial of Cremation Remains: This can happen right after the funeral/memorial or it may occur months or even years afterwards. Ceremonies by Design will design a ceremony that encourages family and friends to reflect on the deceased and the mark they left on those present.

Ceremony Choice.

If one is religious, it can make the choice easier by talking to an appropriate religious representative about options.  Yet more and more people are moving away from religious traditions.  When faced with the choice of how to honor someone we love, we can feel undone.  How does one respect, honor and gather as a community to grieve when we do not know what that could look like.

Things to be considered:

• What type of ceremony to have.

• What elements to include in the ceremony.

• Whether to have a service that is a Religious, Spiritual or Ethnic.

• Who will do the Eulogy?

• Will friends share stories?

• Who will perform the Service?

There are so many choices to be made at this time: funeral, celebration of life, memorial, cremation internment, scattering of ashes or green burials.  So many decisions.  How do we make these choices?

Ash Scattering

Ceremonies by Design will create an intimate ceremony to support the release and the scattering of the ashes of a loved one. The location chosen to scatter ashes will be a reflection of the essence of who the person is. It may be facilitated off a boat, from a mountain, deep in the woods or beside a stream.

Ceremonies by Design can design a ceremony that includes special rituals and prose that reflects values and beliefs of the deceased. Including family in the ceremony can help facilitate journey of grieving

In each instance, who the person was will be reflected in the choice of the location: the forest, the mountain, the river or the ocean. Readings, songs, personal reflections add a depth to the ritual of letting go of our loved ones.

Graveside Interment

Creating a ceremony to mark the resting place of a loved one can be a formal or an informal occasion. Family and friends gather at the graveside. Customs from the deceased traditions can be incorporated into a ceremony that can speak to the deceased’s essential values.

Friends and loved ones may share stories and memories of their loved ones. The incorporation of ritual, prose and storytelling will help all to remember the deceased, comfort the broken hearted and prepare the living to move on